We are a coalition of inventors, patent owners and stakeholders from a broad range of industries that believe the patent system is worth protecting.

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At Save the Inventor, you will find news, facts, interviews and the occasional opinion about current efforts to fundamentally change our patent system in ways that we think will undermine the system, not improve it. You will also learn ways that you can let Congress know that inventors are a vital national resource and the key to our economic prosperity as a country.

The United States, since its founding, has been a leader in innovation, and that’s no accident. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine—many of America’s Founding Fathers were prolific inventors. They understood the importance of ideas to America’s future. The concept of protecting our property, our inventions, and our intellectual capital was so important, they included protections for inventors in the Constitution of the United States.

The gold standard for the rest of the world

Our patent system has stood the test of time. When people think of innovation, they think of the U.S.
Even more important is the critical role patents have played in fueling America’s economy.

In 2010, patents supported 40 million jobs – 27.7% of all jobs in the U.S. This number is even higher today.
In 2010, intellectual property-intensive industries accounted for $5.06 trillion in value added, or 34.8% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)
Every two jobs in IP-Intensive industries support an additional job elsewhere in the economy.

But despite all of the benefits of the patent system, there are some who want to fundamentally change the system in ways that would weaken patents for all inventors. We think this is a mistake. We launched Save the Inventor to bring this issue to the attention of everyone who relies on and believes in the power of the patent system to bring ideas to life, create jobs, and build opportunities. It’s a wake up call to those who have been told over and over again that the patent system is besieged by trolls, and that the only solution is a fundamental weakening of patents for all inventors.

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