This Is What Patent Protection Does For The United States

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered what patents do and have done for the United States, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more.

The Founding Fathers Knew The Value Of Patent Protection
On top of being democratic trailblazers, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Paine were accomplished inventors. Washington and Jefferson, in particular, were two founding fathers that were instrumental in establishing the patent system in the late 18th century.

Patents Helped Pioneers Succeed
The steel plow and mechanical reapers – both patented inventions – helped intrepid Americans build homesteads and move west.

Automotive Advancements Ignited Mobility And Commerce
Patent protections helped incentivize inventors to make better car engines and improve production with assembly line manufacturing. Consumer demand resulted in dozens of spinoff industries and America went to work.

Innovative Engineers Changed The Way We Live
Late 19th century and early 20th century engineers developed not only advances in building technology, but also civil infrastructure such as roadways, water supplies, and tunnels – the very foundation of urban society.

U.S.-based Intellectual Property Fuels The Global Economy
The USPTO reports that merchandise exports of IP-intensive industries were at $775 billion in 2010. That’s nearly 61% of total U.S. merchandise exports.

Innovators Set The Stage For Exploring A New Frontier
The founding father of modern rocketry, Robert Goddard, patented his innovations in early 1910. His work directly impacted our ability to perform space travel.

Licensing Enables Technological Progress
Tech companies set the standards for mobile cellular technology. Licensing their patented technology enabled other cellular manufacturers to be competitive and innovative across the globe. Tweet: Tech companies set standards for mobile technology. Patent licensing enables others to innovative across the globe.

Keeping Families Happier And Together Longer
If it weren’t for breakthroughs in biotechnology, sickness and disease would tear families apart at much higher rates. Thanks to patent protection, biotech companies can be confident in their ability to successfully market their life-saving medical treatments and recoup their massive research and development costs.

Patent Protections built America. Let’s Not Lose Sight Of What Made Us Great.
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