Thursday, Jan 23rd, 2014

Weekly Patent News Highlights 1/22

This week we have 2 articles from CFO and Inc. highlighting both sides of patent reform and giving a more neutral overview of the controversy surrounding this issue.

In the first article from CFO, the issue of small companies being forced to pay licensing fees to patent trolls in order to avoid conflict with their investors is touched upon. It also questions whether or not patent reform will help or harm inventors and small businesses.

Friday, Dec 20th, 2013

Weekly News Highlights 12/12 - 12/19

We are cheered, as we head into the holidays, by hints from the Senate Judiciary Committee that patent reform will not be rushed to a vote as it was in the House. It appears that the voices of inventors and universities are being heard, and might even have an opportunity to be heard directly, in a hearing next year. Meanwhile, "unintended outcomes" of the various pieces of the bills are getting a closer look. Here's the round up:


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