Stephen Susalka, PH.D.

CEO, Assoc. of University Technology Managers

David Kappos

Former Director, USPTO

Susie Armstrong

SVP, Engineering, Qualcomm, Inc.

Dr. Barbara Gault

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Dr. Lisa Cook

Assoc. Professor, Michigan State University

Robert P. Taylor

RPT Legal Strategies PC

Prof. Jeffrey Lefstin

UC Hastings College of Law

Amy Mills, Ph.D., J.D.

VP Intellectual Property, Juno Therapeutics

Dr. Ananda Chakrabarty

UI College of Medicine at Chicago

Bobby Franklin

President/CEO, National Venture Capital Association

Jennifer Gottwald

Licensing Manager, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Hans Sauer

Deputy General Counsel, Biotechnology Innovation Organi

SXSW 2016 Panel

Protecting Your Inventions From Foreign Knockoffs

Meet INO-V8

SXSW 2016 Recap

Eric Huber

Patents Create Equal Jobs

The Patents Matter

Google Hangout

Sam McCord

Founder, MCGBioComposites

Brandon Adams

Inventor, ArcticStick Cooling Device

Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson

Inventors, Readydesk

Keith McNally

Inventor Of Online Ordering Software

Adrian Pelkus

President, A Squared Technologies, Inc.

Eric Huber

Inventor, Germ Master Steam Cleaner

Don Rosenberg

Executive VP & General Counsel, Qualcomm

Gene Quinn

Inventing America Conference 2015

Heather Wilson

Inventing America Conference 2015

Carly Fiorina

Inventing America Conference 2015

Amb. Carla A. Hills

Inventing America Conference 2015

Warren Tuttle

Inventing America Conference 2015


Inventing America Conference 2015

Small vs. Big Companies

Inventing America Conference 2015

Inventor Adventures

Curse Of The Weakened Patent

Joe Kiani

Founder And CEO, Masimo

Joe Kiani

Importance Of A Strong Patent System

Louis Foreman

Foreign Kockoffs

Louis Foreman

Job Creation

Jason Watson

Dublin Dog

Franklin Ramsey

Pressix Technology

Brandon Dierker

Collar Perfect


More Success For Universities

Rewarding Inventors

More Incentive To Innovate

Property Rights

More Investment-Worthy Ideas

Protecting Inventors

More Groundbreaking Innovations

Protecting Innovation

Greater Economic Advantage

Innovation Alliance

Invention’s Role In The US Patent System


Follow Up

Inventing to Nowhere

Offical Trailer

Dr. Greg Raleigh

Founder & CEO, ItsOn, Inc.

Sam Lathem

Save The Inventor - Delaware

Steve Perlman

Founder And CEO, Rearden Companies

Ferolyn Powell

Board Chair, Prescient Surgical


New Patent Legislation Will Hurt Innovators


New Patent Legislation Means Fewer Jobs

William Merritt

Save The Inventor - Delaware

Timothy C. Davis

Save The Inventor - Alabama

Paul Witt

Save The Inventor - Colorado


Legislation In Congress Threatens The Economy

Josh Makower

Founder And CEO, Exploramed

Angela MacFarlen

President And CEO, Forsight Labs

Angel Venture Forum

What Makes An Idea Worth The Investment?

Wesley Blakeslee

Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Technology

Paul Michel

Cheif Judge, US Court Of Appeals (Ret.)

Lita Nelsen

Director Of Technology, MIT

Laurie Self

VP And Counsel, Government Affairs, Qualcomm

Carla Hills

Former US Trade Representative

Dean Kamen

Role Of Patents In An Innovation Economy

Dean Kamen

Founder, DEKA Research And Development

Adam Mossoff

Professor Of Law, George Mason University

Brian Pomper

Executive Director, Innovation Alliance